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Expositions Internationales
Issue No.: 62
Call No.: Z119.A795 no.62
Date Published: 3/15/1938

p. 15
Les Moyens d'Expression
The Means of Expression
ill. 21 page(s)
Notes: Photo-essay about exhibition design of Exposition 1937.

p. 3
4 page(s)
Notes: Explanatory text about the purpose of this special issue. Talks of the scope of international exhibitions, esp. those in Paris 1937 and New York 1939.

p. 37
La Photographie à l'Exposition
Photography at the Exposition
ill. 5 page(s)
Notes: Discusses the use of photo-illustration in the various educational exhibits.

p. 42
L'Art Populaire
Popular Art
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Shows examples of decorative and functional crafts, such regional toys, ceramic styles, and tool design.

p. 48
Le Pavillion de l'Élégance
The Pavillion of Elegance
ill. 5 page(s)
Notes: Critique of the fashion pavillion.

p. 53
Le Centre Rural
The Rural Center
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Discusses the various artisan workshops that were present at Exposition 1937: dairy, orchard cooperative, weavers, to name a few.

p. 59
Exposition Internationale de New-York 1939
New York World's Fair
ill. 11 page(s)
Notes: Discusses the site of the New York fair in Flushing Meadows, including architectural renderings of proposed buildings. The theme of this fair was "The World of Tomorrow."

p. 7
L'Espirt des Formes et Formes de l'Esprit en 1937
The Spirit of Forms and the Forms of the Spirit in 1937
ill. 8 page(s)
Notes: Unfavorable critique of Exposition 1937's pavillion architecture.

p. 71
Index [of photographs]
4 page(s)

p. 75
Photogravure et Offset
Photogravure and Offset
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 76
Jules Breton et Cie. Evette Germain et Cie. Successeurs
Jules Breton and Co. Evette Germain and Co. Successors
1 page(s)

p. 76
Ch. Lorilleux et Cie., Encres d'Imprimerie, Pates à Rouleaux
Ch. Lorilleux & Co., Printing Inks, Roller Pastes
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 76
Arts et Métiers Graphiques va faire paraître courant mai "Londres la Nuit"
Arts et Métiers Graphiques will soon make available in May "London by Night"
1 page(s)
Notes: Photographs in this book are by Bill Brandt.

p. 77
Arts et Métiers Graphiques a publié "Publicité 1938" "Photographie 1938"
Arts et Métiers Graphiques has published "Advertising 1938" "Photography 1938"
1 page(s)

p. 78
Les Éditions Hyperion
Hyperion Editions
1 page(s)

p. 78
L'Imprimerie de Vaugirard Est l'Imprimerie Typographique d'Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Vaugirard Printery Is the Typographic Press of Arts et Métiers Graphique
1 page(s)

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